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Behind the scenes with Laura Pearman Photography - Two Became One
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Behind the scenes with Laura Pearman Photography

Rebranding my business was a rollercoaster process with highs and lows from beginning to end. It’s hard being in business, especially when you’re a mum, and taking on such a huge project with little people in your life can make it feel ten times harder.

My first step was choosing a photographer. I knew I was searching for someone special – someone who thinks outside my usual comfort zones. I was also certain I needed someone outside the wedding industry. But where could I look for this person?

Scouring websites and social media platforms, I had little success. I reached out to my network for recommendations and spent hours chatting to potential branding photographers, only to be left with the same empty feeling. Having sought advice across many different Facebook groups (which is something I recommend you do at the beginning), I finally came across Janet Murray’s ‘Love Marketing Community’. It was on her page that I first saw Laura Pearman, a vibrant creative photographer who really captured my interest. She came across as someone not afraid to be herself.

I explored Laura’s work by listening to a podcast that she had done with Janet Murray (available on Janet’s website: see the podcast index). Quickly I came to realise that Laura was the photographer for me and my brand. She appeared to be an expert at identifying the essence of any brand and that brand’s potential.

Leading up to the shoot day, Laura and I discussed locations and what I wanted to achieve. Soon Laura had shortlisted two venues, both of which were stunning castles with amazing backdrops to reflect the luxuriousness of my brand. Finally, Laura and I choose Bamburgh Castle (http://www.bamburghcastle.com), which is set on a clifftop overlooking the sea and has fabulous staterooms, ideal for the photos.

        The Stunning Bamburgh Castle

Having sorted the photographer and venue, all that remained was finding help with wardrobe and makeup.

A week or so before the shoot, I was introduced to the fantastic Nicola English from The Wardrobe Provocateur (https://nicholaenglish.com). Nicola, who works as part of Laura’s team, was truly amazing and very well organised. As well as helping source looks for the shoot, on the day Nicola even came with a few added extras, which came in handy! I can confidentially say Nicola was a godsend – a true professional and an expert in her field. If you’re looking for wardrobe help in any capacity, Nicola’s your girl!

        Nicola English from The Wardrobe                                    Provocateur

On the day of the shoot, I met Marie from ND Makeup (http://www.ndmakeupartists.co.uk). Marie’s experience in the makeup industry was invaluable: my makeup looked incredible and my hair fabulous. Marie was also on hand to touch up my makeup during the shoot and in between looks.

         ND Professional Makeup                                       Artists

At long last, the time came for the shoot. Laura knew exactly what she wanted and gave me clear direction. With Laura behind the camera, I quickly felt at ease. Laura’s passion for photography shines through when she gets the look she wants.

Overall, the experience was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for more!

The project took approximately four months to complete, which is quick I’m told – usually, rebranding can take anything from 10 months to a year for the customer to be completely happy with the result.

If you’re thinking about rebranding, then pick up the phone TODAY and speak to Laura. Discuss your ideas and get Laura booked! She quickly became not only my photographer but a vivacious, innovative friend.

The A-Team

From top left- Marie and team ND professional Makeup
Nicola English- The Wardrobe Provocateur
Laura Pearman-Laura Pearman Photography
Vicki Morris -Two Became One


In the words of Laura Pearman MWAH  


 Laura Pearman branding photography expert!

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