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How do I create a memorable guest experience? - Two Became One
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How do I create a memorable guest experience?

We’ve all heard someone describing a wedding they’ve been to recently as  ‘good, but…’. This is the way people are, and we cannot change society but what we can do is to try to provide guests with the best possible wedding experience.

Firstly, create a vision for your wedding or event, and then map out how to make it a wonderful experience for your guests too.

Creating a variety of different experiences is key to a successful wedding or event. After the ceremony/welcome, drinks (whether fabulous wine or a luxurious cocktail) should be made available promptly, and presentation is everything.

We put a lot of emphasis on food as guests will always remember whether the food was good, bad or great! During the cocktail hour, guests should be offered fabulous unique canapés. Your guests will be hungry, and the right food and drink will go down a treat.

Make sure you brief your photographer well on timing, so you have time to enjoy the drinks and canapés once the main photos are done ‒ after all, they are your guests, and it is your wedding!

After the cocktail hour is finished, ensure you have curated an exciting menu for your wedding breakfast ‒ don’t be afraid to try new food and avoid the same old wedding dishes that your guests will be used to eating.

If you have invited large numbers of guests, make sure you have staff on hand to guide them to their tables ‒ nearly everyone has a table plan but not all guests take notice of the table plan, and this often leads to delays. Delays can be disastrous for a caterer because the food is freshly cooked and may be ready to be served even when people are still dawdling.

For a good ambience, make sure the music is soft and no louder than background music ‒ guests will complain if they cannot even hear the person next to them speaking!

Pick fabulous wines to complement your food; go on a wine tasting day and look at those wines from countries that you might not have considered previously ‒ experimenting is key to making the right decisions.

Break up your wedding breakfast after the main course with some dancing or entertainment, something where your guests can get up from their seats to take part. So often at weddings we are placed next to people we would not really choose to converse with, so it’s important to recognise this and look outside of the box for ways to ease the situation.

Provide your guests with variety when choosing your entertainment and ensure the temperature is controlled in the room, because one of your wedding/event guests’ biggest dislikes is being either too hot or too cold.

Lastly, when you are creating your dream wedding you are merely creating a backdrop to your big day ‒ view the day like this, and you will create a fabulous day that you will remember forever!

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