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How Much Will A Wedding Planner Cost? - Two Became One
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How Much Will A Wedding Planner Cost?

This is a question that I get all the time, so I decided to publish an article about wedding planner’s costs and how we charge, along with the reasons you might need a wedding planner to help you plan your dream wedding.

On average it will take upwards of 250 hours to plan your wedding day when you break this down it’s a tremendous amount of your time being spent on the physical organising, so this means all the logistics of your wedding day.

It’s also no secret that planning your wedding can be stressful, and this is where your wedding planner will come in, as a good wedding planner is there to hold your hand and guide you through what can be a somewhat bumpy process.

So, is a wedding planner a worthwhile investment?

I would say if you struggle for time in your personal life already, and then you get engaged can you spare upwards of 250 hours to plan your wedding? Can you deal with the drama’s that might occur when you are planning your dream day? Do you have excellent negotiation skills? Are you extremely organised? The big question would be, are you prepared to compromise?

If you have not answered Yes to all those questions, then you could benefit from hiring a wedding planner!

In the USA a bride’s first decision after she gets engaged is to find and hire the right wedding planner, however, here in the UK, we are still seeing that not all brides will hire a planner, why?

Personally, I think it’s because they feel hiring a planner is expensive and most associated with brides and grooms who have big budgets. This is merely a myth in our industry, hiring a wedding planner doesn’t have to mean expensive!

Why? You can work with a wedding planner to do as much or as little as you require, for example, most wedding planners will offer around 2-3 services, and some of these will include and are not limited to, partial planning, full planning, supplier sourcing, venue styling, on the day coordination.

The list can be quite extensive, so for this article let’s say your budget is £40,000 therefore for a full planning service which is translated into a fully inclusive service, will mean that you can expect to pay between 10-15% of your overall budget.

The percentage charged is very likely to be between these figures for full planning, why? Well, it will depend on the planner and how much experience and knowledge they can bring to the table, for example, a planner with upwards of 10 years’ experience is most likely going to charge more than a planner who is in his or her first year of business.

Does more expensive mean a better service? Not necessarily, because any wedding planner would have invested time into their training and businesses.



The planner who has just set up his or her company may have worked for a long time as an event or wedding planner in the entertainment industry and has now made the brave choice to go solo and launch their own business. So, their knowledge is going to be extensive therefore the only difference between an experienced planner and a newly launched planner is sometimes just a matter of contacts, by this I mean suppliers.

Your experienced planner will have what’s known as a little black book of suppliers who they have used and have worked with in the past on their weddings, the planner trusts this company to deliver an exceptional service to his or her customers, and they will have an extensive portfolio of previous weddings and testimonials to show you.

Whereas the new planner might have a list of contacts from their previous employment role, but they are most likely not from working on a direct B2B basis, they may not have an extensive portfolio or a list of testimonials to show you, but they are likely to be equally as creative, and given a chance can produce some outstanding work. Everyone must start somewhere right?

If you are working with a strict budget, then most planners will offer an on the day management service which can be more cost effective then hiring a toastmaster because we come with a lot more added services and manage all your suppliers as well as your day.

Our primary job is to provide you with value for money, we are very price aware, and we know when we are being charged over the top because the word ‘wedding’ has been placed in your sentence.

Because of this, we have strong negotiation skills which come in handy when asking ‘is this your best price.’

I know if I had my time again I would hire a wedding planner to help me make appointments, attend the supplier meetings, recommend suppliers and formulate a shortlist, keep track of my budget, produce weekly tracking reports, the list goes on and on.

So, is hiring a wedding planner a worthwhile investment I would sit down and work out your current hourly salary and multiply it by 250 and see the shocking figure! Once you realise that it’s not going to cost you as much money to hire someone then it would to pay yourself and spare the stress, I think it’s an easy question to answer- YES!

Hopefully I have answered all your questions when it comes to hiring a wedding planner, however, if you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Bye for now



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