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Looking for An Exclusive Concierge Service? - Two Became One
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Looking for An Exclusive Concierge Service?

Here at Two Became One, we offer a B2C and B2B service for our clients, clients who require the very best. We do this by ensuring our international clientele have access to the world’s most prestigious suppliers and services. Having gained over a decade of experience in the luxury market, we are great believers in the saying that knowledge is power!

So, what does a wedding and event concierge service do?

When we first launched Two Became One, our clients soon made us aware of their particular needs. For example, planning a high-end event or wedding is often accompanied by a vast array of other services that our clients also need for that perfect experience.

We may be asked to organise security for our client’s family and their bridal party while they are in London to ensure they feel safe, or our clients may want a private jet service into London or out of London for a stag or hen night.

So we soon found ourselves arranging many lifestyle services to accompany the creation of our client’s dream wedding or event. As a result, we decided to rebrand to reflect the services we were providing ‒ a luxury wedding and event concierge, catering for our client’s every desire.

Privacy is fundamental to our clients. We bring them into hotels through back doors, kitchens or underground alleyways. For many of our high-net-worth clients this is essential – they require the absolute best and there is no room for error.

Our clients travel into London via many international routes, and we can provide a VIP chauffeur-driven service to the hotel and arrange the best hotel suites in London, then perhaps they may want to entertain their guests by having dinner at the chef’s table at the Dorchester hotel ‒ the possibilities are endless.

Two Became One’s priority focus is to create an excellent one-stop service that incorporates all our client’s needs under one roof, so you will never need to invest additional wasted time from your busy working schedules to look for what some people might describe as the impossible!

Whether clients live in London, have a second home here, or are just visiting, Two Became One can provide them with a first-class concierge service.

To find out more about our services, please do contact us to discuss your requirements.

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