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Wedding planners who do not charge a fee - Two Became One
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Wedding planners who do not charge a fee

Are you looking for a wedding planner who does not charge a fee for his or her services?

Having been in business now for over a decade, we hear this all the time, and in fact, it is a well talked about subject within our industry.

Often a planner will pitch for a job and send a beautiful proposal after the meeting, only to be told by the happy couple that they decided to go with a planner who does not charge a fee to use their services! We say to all our customers; would you work for free?

The answer is likely to be a big fat NO.

So why would you expect your planner to work for free? Given that a wedding takes upwards of 250 hours to plan as a minimum, I doubt anyone would do this without any monetary reward!

So, how do they make money, after all, it is a business their running, right?

Well, this type of planner is making their money from the suppliers they are using to produce your dream wedding, for example, they provide you with a shortlist of 3 florists, but we guarantee that they are being paid a hefty commission from those suppliers on your list.

How does this work then? The suppliers will charge you more (yes, you the bride and groom). Who has worked very hard to save every penny for their dream wedding?

So, the florist can now afford to pay the planner their commission cheque by marking up your quotation- but you will not see this as it is always displayed as one overall cost!

Is this right? We would say no because the happy couple, meaning you, think they are doing this for free! If we were you, we would think about the ethics that surround these types of services, for example, the critical role of any wedding planner is to provide you with value for money.

How can they do this when they have an invested interest in the suppliers that you are being asked to choose from, a good wedding planner is fully prepared to negotiate, in fact, it is one of our essential skills.

We would always ask any potential supplier ‘is this your best price’ do you think the wedding planner that is not charging you a fee will do this?

An average wedding will use several suppliers on their wedding day, so if you multiply all those commission cheques then this no-fee wedding planner has made a lot of money from an unsuspecting wedding couple!

The best advice we can give you is, do your research if a planner says they do not have a fee ask them how they make their money? A great wedding planner is transparent, honest and is often a member of a reputable alliance, for example, we are members of both the UKAWP -UK Alliance of Wedding Planners and the NAWP National Alliance of Wedding Professionals.

What does this mean? It means we have signed up to a strict code of business practice, and we were thoroughly vetted to ensure I have the correct insurance to run our business, which safeguards both parties.

We hope this blog has proven helpful and, we wish you every success in your wedding planning.

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